Questions about Superman

  1. When Clark Kent changes into his Superman costume, what happens to the suit he was wearing?
    1. Where does he stash the Clark Kent suit?
    2. What does he do with his credit cards, drivers license, cell phone etc.?
  2. Where does Superman live? In an apartment? In what part of town?
    1. He has an even bigger problem getting back home: where does he pick up his suit, and how does change back into it without being noticed?
  3. Does Superman have super pee? Could he fell his enemies with a well-aimed jet of urine?
    1. Is there an opening in his costume for that?
  4. (Don’t even want to think about sex – he could kill somebody.)
  5. We know that Superman is subject to aging, because he was a baby when he arrived on earth and grew into a teenager and then and then a man.
    1. How is dental work done? Does he go to the dentist or the doctor with a tiny bit of kryptonite in his pocket so they can work on him?
  6. When he is in a hurry, does Superman ever break the sound barrier?
    1. If so, does the city council pass an ordinance prohibiting superbooms during the night?

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